Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Regarding Don Wildmon

I also want to point out that Bro. Don Wildmon was always very nice to me.  I never had any issues with him, and believe things would have turned out differently, were he still in charge.

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  1. For the Record:
    I have the greatest respect and admiration for Don Wildmon. His dedication and genius needs to be lauded a lot more than it is. There is no doubt his efforts has made a big difference on the nation. Some of the ‘common sense’ values Glen Beck and others are making popular today, he was advocating 20 plus years ago. I’ve known him for a long time and still believe in his vision for the future, his conservative values and his guidance by God.
    As with all people, however, (including me) God uses us despite our short comings. I will say the problem, in my view, arose from a lack in personnel skills. In finding out both sides of a problem and just listening. This is not a malice thing on Don’s part as some spin it, but a lack in skill. Don has compassion and love for people, but had little time to deal with them. With over a hundred employee’s that can be daunting.
    I am no longer an embittered former employee of AFA. The AFA I joined 20 years ago doesn’t exist anymore. I realize this and am glad for leaving when I did. Actually I should have left a long time before that. No, I don’t think I was treated justly but God uses all things for good. This is defiantly the case here.
    So why did I talk to a reporter about leaving AFA?
    First, I prayed about it. I looked for guidance among friends and got many different perspectives. I considered the consequences and the reactions of those on both ends of the spectrum. There were other things that I considered also:
    Don was no longer in control of AFA. Don was the glue that held it all together. His focus was on the preservation of AFA, maybe to the point of neglecting other things like personnel. I’m all for the preservation of AFA, also. With Don out of the picture I think it has a chance of failing. Not because of Tim Wildmon and most of the present administration, who are good people, but for a few people there that are not God-lead and only have the best in mind for them. The environment now leaves room for people that are not full on Spirit to gain power and lead the ministry to their own ends.
    I gave seventeen years of my life there. I started and built several departments and worked long hours for the cause. If I can call enough attention to the problems and make people think, then that would be little sacrifice, even to the point of loosing friends. Some of whom agree with me and the problems there but are afraid to speak. In a God-ordained ministry, there should be no fear to speak out.
    So if God wants me to speak out about injustice, lies and hurting people then I will. If there are people in a ministry with their own agenda or only worried about territory and going along, then the ministry is destined to fail or be seriously hurt. I do not want to see a man like Don Wildmon’s legacy done-in by selfishness and spin.
    AFA needs a renewal of Spirit and Purpose (caps intended). If this happens the people that are not Spirit-lead will not prosper within the ministry.