Friday, October 8, 2010

What's important to Christ!

Here goes one.  What was the most important thing in the eyes of Jesus Christ?  Politics,  People, Power, Activism, Eternity.............


  1. According to this Religion Dispatches article, you used to work for AFA.

    If so, please contact me at

  2. Please contact Mr. Throckmorton. He is a wonderful blogger who is a sincere Christian but who has good insight into the excesses of the Religious Right. I think you and he both have a message that needs to be heard.

  3. I would think People are the most important thing - not religion, doctrine, politics, or much else.


  5. Here's the rules Jesus left us, broken down as simply as can be put:

    1. Be nice to each other
    2. Be responsible for yourself

    Anything beyond that is someone trying to exert their own will over someone else.

  6. Faith seems the most important, and with faith, Love.
    Religion is not Faith. Religion is man's collective poor attempt at is essential but religion without Faith is just rules and dogma.
    Faith is a personal relationship of Love and Trust.